Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Caligula's Jackdirk

hard space
group pace!



' Lugol's fleck: twice
frying; kneel
principality ruse hewn eel inception vocative. Twine Cinders

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cracked Coathanger

Native Void was surrounded on all sides by the infernal legion, but the encroachment of it on his circle of woe that budded up on all sides as it negotiated with the ebb of swirling energy making its way to the cavern of the curved exterior of the scouting party charged with delivering tonics and dried meats to the camp of hunters across the outpost overlooking the riverswept gorge from where the band of devils were making their time swapping emblems of ebb by which the circle's magic barrier undulated with the base of the circle.

Just as the Void spotted an escape and began moving to gorge, the infernal legion made a twitch and opened a labrynth of whirpools flooding the angle of flight from the cacatenations of the their march opposite the path of the waylaid supply party. Pulling their persons onto the bank several minutes later, they dragged themselves to sparse trees overlooking the shadows of eddies and foam of the river carrying off the leaves of a gale now descending upon the now at ease encampment.

Finding shade in the oaks, they pondered how the leaves fell upon what remained of the ebb of the ward that now released only a glint of curvature from the drifting leaves. They rested here imbibing the spray of the eddies and relaxing to the procession of leaves to the invisible far edge of the river's flow. What was found in the descent of leaves to the shadow of the obscuring tree was that they released the twirling of leaves only when the posture of their watch downstream cast a parallax on the shadow and the oak leaves adorning the mane of shelter afforded by the gyrating dance of trailing glue from the nether abandon marinating its spinning symmetry.

The Subject of Presumption

Edward Raynar sat pining for his parents looking forlornly out a window. Even though he was in a sullen mood his features were acute and intent with the wit of a penetrating intellect. He bore his cheek letting out a sigh as he considered the fiery features that the sun fell upon. His sister Maria of one year younger was drawing with pastels. Every once in a while she would make a mark inspired by Edward's handsome frame against his chair. Though he was contemplating what he would tell their parents on their return she was secretely chronicling their whole afternoon in the easle of their drawing room.

She could not see the objects of her brother's interest as he looked out upon the expansive yard and neighbors homes' across the street. As she drew she evoked worlds of spirits at play making subtle kisses upon the world as it falls upon the canvas of its terrific mind.

As she meditated on another line across the valley of colors something about the screw of her glasses caught her brother's attention and he turned to her and without impressing the enunciation of his comment remarked that reasons of Nature do not talk to fashion in an event but rather as a chat in the sentiment of the intent of divinity's spark across the discovery of sacred popularizations. Upon hearing this laud, she straightened her back and ejaculated that she had never heard of the discovery of sentiment nor given it any thought in the facets of her life or recoil of its conversement of his interlocution.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

All-Key Occult

From THE ALL, which is Pure Spirit, down to the grossest form of Matter, all is in vibration--the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale. The vibration of Spirit is at such an infinite rate of intensity and rapidity that it is practically at rest--just as a rapidly moving wheel seems to be motionless. The approach of the spirit light is the period of the hub which the centrifugal force of a spoke is the adaptation of the animation of the plane of ideas that postulates Self to the animus of sapient matter.

The hue of this Spirit Light is the teachings of the unknowable Precept of Tempered Action that is the maxim, "As above so below," governing Inner Knowledge that is under the Principle of Correspondence. The centripetal hub is thus the subtle iteration of the Aenima.

The love of the Spirit Light is the movement of belief along the values of the inner limit which is the the trembling of the spoke in its knowledge of workers' symbols. The usurpation of God is then the liquidation of illumination in the deregulated Lucidity of Intrinsic Meaning. The causal connection of this reification is the coincidental metaphor the heaving of the hub makes the the centripetal force of its disc.

As the quivering of the pin traces its shine on the amount of the graph the shade of the lead delineates the power of the line demarkating a rose in the curve of the measurement of reality its counting unit. The coming to of Self to the measure is then the parallax of Polaris to its penumbra of the dial cast on the captain - it's hours mark the orientation of the astrolabe.

Anointed by the illumination of bristling waves I bulge in the umbrage of The South Hour's fall upon the light of the North Star to the East Hour - blistered the sedentary Royal Treasurer of Bavaria had much more leisure time and technical practice than the monarchic system and so devised a teaching that would transform the effect of a metaphorical Ursa Major's antumbra.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Histology Home

My mother is an affluent altruist who after a slew of service jobs found employment as an analyst in a biomedical lab nicer than sedentary post-Vanderbilt deco. Now divorced, my father met her while in a teaching position after her biology bachelor's finished her eight years of Latin. He was the smartest and toughest wayward engineer to come to UIC's philosophy department from IIT Physics. Being the only one who had the vitality, she outlasted a tumor carried away with her survival.

A toddler who was often taken to the Virginian coast there was no water park I couldn't conquer during preadolescence. My teen advice were tender warnings of accord with the cautions to peccadillo and imbroglio. It was a sleepy tour of the museums and championships of Europe and America.

I am obsessed with iced flasks and interested in chemistry as an enthusiasm for the structure and expansion of matter such as when glaciers harden. My affinity drew me to dye suspension as I was raised making confections from evaporated sugar with a string and pie tin. I later explored the rigors of static with an LED kit. It was filled with anatomy diagrams and miniatures.

As a preteen I'd moved on to quartz batteries and constructed a flux-solenoid turbine excelling easily to an obese Sun™ pupil. Before I graduated high school my generation was filled with colonial scenes and brisk walks. Upon my Smyrnan satellite I found a tulku flute that is the articles of budo; and brought it back to my mantle?

Like Liber's cup parted the fibers adorning Vetumna's javelin, my room basked in countless museums' souvenirs. I was touched by the fop of Minerva and the boons of Salus. My phlogiston married Sol and took Bass as his rival. Jove was the God my wife chose as her administrator. Like a nightinggale soaring above a chimney at dawn I learned his idioms and got to know all of his famous friends from the premier and groundbreaking UIC Philosophy.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jagged Plane

They do tell the standards snowrimmed peaks hoarding glistening gems why do they say its racing. In the bend of a bottle I fill the preliminary ruffled key.

The spine digs the chapter of the subtle spade. It arbiters the being that is the thatch of Lernen Schien langue logique.

An affair combusted the signing of the page's appearance. Ham carry the starboard to the watcher's perch. Noah nail me a  rudder in the full sail helm. Steer me a course to the incipit jiggle of froth!

Splash a roster on the concern you know from words printed in the end of ideology! Hera light me a walk to the fire that marks the torches.

Opus lend me a heart to the heading autograph. Will you find the reservation in the affirmation of the loan. Repeat an initial on the dues paid to the act of authority. There is no hold on the shipping to distributer where the postage clung to a vote in the office of service's obsequious comment.

Driving balls into links' green.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anat's Reflection

As the rock turned to dust Ál winnowed the fleck.
The salirisum crossed the noctis spiritus of coeptis it's mercede heaving the vista of Aenima upon the swirl of dialog in the conversation with the implosion of vector-cubits.
In the hectare of a geometric sum of the outlook of the discourse the Nature of the antithesis made its scuttlebut with the thesis of maps.

It's elocution's conversation of the pressurized swirl of the struts of ice make minimal their creeping over a bed of clovers, and the barrel of BP will slide a splinter from their jostled thistles. And the squall will whip your bench from the crater of the stalks of debris.
And the plant grabs lake from the ground. Now its plowed rows are fallow. The annuit moveo does snag an explosion from the ripple's reinforcement. The ballast groaned and its clay cargo shook along their guarded stream. The leaves rustled the crack of their vessel's fault, and it's squeak did harvest the thermals of paint.